Works I saw In her studio were based on personal experience that she had transformed according to her sophisticated vision in the attempt at self-creation. The pictures record and depict her inner life as well as the awareness of her own being, they lead us to the world of feelings, fears, passions, fulfilment, and emotions, creating new reality. Through its form, a picture constitutes a vital element of a therapy and a record of emotional states experienced by the artist while she was uncovering subsequent secrets of life. The scattered parts of the body are seperated from the white canvas only by the thin pencil-drawn line. This she emhasizes that what is inside these sketches, this agressive colour, or the inner life, is the most important element. And here there is no place for a Perfect woman, a Universal life companion, ar a Universal mother. 

Overwhelmed by the problems she wanted to face, she entitles Her paintings Spiral and explains further In her thesis: a spiral – a form of confusion, her katharsis – did not happen. She focused on Her body: the pulse, the breath, the eyesight – this is what calms Her down. In Rythm she analyzes the flow of Her bodily fluids. And all of this can be fund on the white, rectangular canvas, where the paint is nothing but a daub that dried In the strange form of an unfinished nude painting. „The classic form of a nude painting is the one which is devoid of redundancy.  This type of painting is only seemingly an incidental compilation of loose associations, of passing moods represented by spacious gates Or open and closed spirals. There are no simple solutions, but to be able to talk about it, the artist’s frame of mind has to be discovered, but not entirely – the mystery has to remain unsolved.

Maciej Gorczyński, Ph.D.